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I ran out of room here with all the testimonies, so since 2011, I post my current thank you's on my Facebook page Kira's Lighthouse.


Thank you, Kira, for the support and encouragement you've been offering me over time. I used to think that authentic communication and profound understanding between human beings is not possible, that everyone has to bear his own solitude. The readings with you proved me I was wrong. And I am glad I was wrong."
October 2011


I am astounded by that sense of you painting the detail of my life so accurately.
October 2011


Kira provides a form of bodywork that really gets to the root of the problems in a very short period of time. Using techniques learnt through direct experience rather than a book, she is able to manipulate and realign tissues whilst also facilitating one's own emotional processes. A treatment with Kira is like going on safari; you don't know what you're going to see but you know its going to be amazing!
October 2011


Since having my Shakedown I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel empowered and free as a human being - free to make my own choices and to do what is best for me. If I feel bogged down in the detail I just need to remember that "I am" and that is all that matters.
October 2011


I had 4 Shamanic Shakedowns over 3 months at various festivals this summer.  During the second one I started to feel relaxed and happy - and dare I say contentment - which lasted for a week.  I can count on one hand the days/weeks that I have felt contentment in the last 15 years (1 day after finishing uni, 1 week when I took some herbal anti-depressants etc)  But I always knew that the feeling would end.  After the fourth Shamanic shakedown I started to feel contentment again, this has continued and doesn't feel like it is going to end.  Thanks Kira
October 2011


Thank you for your inspiring words, a perfect picture of what is going on in my life and in my head.
October 2011


Your shakedown session was definitely one of my highlights @ Solfest, I was so happy that I managed to get to see you as I had seen your sign at Eden and really fancied it, but you were in very high demand! Definitely wasn't a normal massage, and unlike anything I've ever experienced before. It was a great experience. I left feeling great! Was relaxed, felt no pain! Was also very focussed, and made some very grown up decisions that day!! There's been major changes in my life since, and am so happy all's going well! :o)
October 2011


Dear Kira,
thankyou for your reading. You have clearly described how I can change my life for the better. This is the best help anyone could give me. I will always keep my reading,not just to help me to change but to remember what I should focus on in myself.Thankyou again.
October 2011

After a summer of regular shamanic shakedowns from Kira, I ended up with sore calfs and a complex about the ferrets that I don't have. Although some of that is true, I still kept going back for more. I can safely say that I've never been for a massage where the mind and the soul gets the same treatment as the back and Kira manages to do it in a way where you feel completely relaxed and at ease talking about whatever it is you want to talk about...or whatever it is she's found that you should be talking about. Also, she'll do anything for a free curry.
October 2011

You know you are truly amazing! I feel I love you and I haven't even met you. I'm so glad I found you when I did because ever since you've always been there. Always helping me in a beautiful, unique way that no one else ever could. You should be so proud and happy with your amazing gift and more to the point, what you do with it! Fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never want to lose contact with you.

You hit the spot on everything again! I felt, well I can't really explain it but reading your reading was of the charts! :D
September 2011

Dear Kira, I have requested your reading about 2 years ago when I just started dating my boyfriend. 
At that time, you've clarified all my worries and my life changed exactly as you described. We got married in Feb 2010, I become a housewise and moved to his house in the country side last April. September 2011

Thank you so much for the beautiful reading.  It is astonishing how you know so much about who I truly am - and we've never met.  I know people for 20 years or more who would not have described me as accurately as you did.  I very much appreciate the insights.
I also would like to take to heart what you wrote on your website about working together.  Going forward I would like to order readings more regularly (instead of sporadically as I've been doing) as I do believe there is so much opportunity for growth here within your words.  I'm not sure what that means for me, except for more frequent readings, but I'm looking forward to this guidance from you growing.
September 2011


I had a reading a few weeks ago it was the best reading I ever had, Kira is a earth angel rarely do you find anyone with such a beautiful clear gift.
September 2011


Dear Kira,
Was nearly in tears reading this, it hits home and makes sense. You always say the right thing! Thank you so so much. Wish me luck!!
August 2011

Dear Kira
You have been my 'directional cog' so to speak. My secret weapon. A honest, lovely, good special friend. So many thanks to you and a huge fat hug and kiss
August 2011

Hi Kira
Another magnificant reading!  Thank you so much!  Where you've described my current situation, it is absolutely spot on
August 2011

Dearest Kira
 With the greatest love to you. I am so grateful for all your thoughts words and love. Your clarity is such a gift.
August 2011

Thanks Kira, i appreciate your support and compassion and patience! Even though it's all through email, you dont half connect with me!
July 2011


I love receiving your readings. I'm feeling comforted and energised at the same time by this one.
July 2011


I had your marvellous reading, thank you so much for it! . As usual, it is so very rich that I need some time to start integrating it, let your words sink in, and I will get back to you for a few clarifications.
What you say, is priceless!
July 2011


Thank you very much for the 2 readings you did for me before. They were quite accurate. I was amazed that you wrote me I had a boyfriend when I didn't, and a few weeks later I met him. And what you wrote about him and myself as well was also true.
July 2011


Thank you for my reading, it was as ever very accurate!
July 2011


Your letter nearly reduced me to tears and there is a resistance to the
change but I know that this is the right path, the right way forward. I
read your letters over and over again, revelations and shifts are
happening and an understanding of me more and how I wish to project myself
out to the world. You are an amazing woman, I can`t thank you enough and
maybe one day I`d like to experience your shakedown therapy in person.
July 2011


It just works. Your words were my guide to pull myself out of the depressed state in which I now realized I was. You do shake things up!!  You have been of great help inspiring me to spread my wings. I'm so grateful.
July 2011


Thank you so much for an inspirational reading. You are so spot on with
all that you say and other things just ring true. there have been
confirmations within your reading also. It feels like you`ve touched my
July 2011

Kira was the first clairvoyant that ever read for me, and I have enjoyed her messages and sessions ever since. Whether I receive a receiving via email, or a body work session at her home in the UK, its always been such a joy, and I've walked away refreshed and inspired. So go for it!
July 2011


Blessings and much love to you Kira.  You arrive as a brilliant shining light each month in my inbox,
July 2011

Thank You Kira for such a beautifully&honest letter !!!
Love,Love and more Love to U for having the courage to BE YOU!
My  gratitude to you,always, for having Light my path when I needed most.
July 2011


the reading you did in Jan about this phase in my life and my journey to India has touched me so much and spurred me on for many things; thank you once again for being you and inspiring me!
July 2011

You did a reading for my daughter a few years ago.
So much in that has happened including beautiful little baby, a house off the road where she feels secure and even a new car (well second hand).
And all your comments about her strong connection with children especially those who appear different were spot on.
 June 2011


Dear Kira,
First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU for this reading, especially as it is a gift. Every one of your readings is a gift in some respect, as it allows me to grow and get to know myself better. As you very rightly stated in your June love letter, growing does not only have an impact on oneself, but on all those that are in touch with us, and I feel that strongly. Especially with this special gift reading that you have done for me, answering my questions about my mother. It has put a whole new light on the way I see things, and even though we (my mum and I) have only had phone contact lately, there is already a difference in our relationship.
June 2011

I read it last night, again, just before I went to bed. I felt so peaceful reading it...
Everything you wrote deeply relates to me.. It was surreal reading it, almost as if I was talking to myself from a true, deep place.
June 2011


Hello Kira,
I don't quite know what to say. I read this with tears in my eyes. It resonates with every cell in my body. Thank you so so much for bleesing me with your gift. Your words have touched my soul..
I am printing it off and shall read it again and again.
June 2011


Thanks so much Kira.
Your readings always amaze me, and quite often make me want to cry because it´s like having someone read and understand your soul.
May 2011


Dear Kira,
I wish I could say I had questions but I don't...damn! The message is spot on.Thank you very much for re-affirming what my heart was saying and making it clear enough for my mind to stop pretending we don't understand it.
May 2011


After a Bodywork Shakedown - Thank you for such an amazing, positive uplifting experience on Thursday last. I wasn't knowing what to expect and came with an open mind as to what the experience would be like and how I would feel afterwards. On the drive back home I hadn't noticed any difference in my behaviour - only my mind - but, when I met up with my friends they saw that I was happy and full of life, more confident than I had been for a couple of weeks.
You really did hook into who I am - the questions I had been asking myself, the thoughts I had been having and the kind of choices I was suggesting to myself... I would like to come along again in the near future to gain more insight and energy.
May 2011


Firstly many thanks for your insightful reading, it has moved me to tears. Your words hold so much power and presence.
May 2011


Thank you so much Kira, that was amazing. I really appreciate it, fully brought me back to center. Thank you again, you always keep my compass pointing true north.
May 2011


I have to say that you've really read my soul!Because every thing you say resonates in me strongly and deeply and probably because you have confirmed to me many things that I've allways known deep inside but I lacked in faith and probably courage to really believe in them.
April 2011


A friend of mine has had a email reading from you (which was scarily accurate) and I was hoping for the same.
March 2011

Thank-you so much for being such an inspiration & so supportive of me ever since we met. I so, so appreciate your strength, encouragement & support during my dark nights. I really mean that from the whole of my heart & soul. It was such turbulent times going through that major life changing transformation & you helped me to keep things together & in perspective.. I love you..
March 2011


I owe you many thanks for lighting the way for me, I really do appreciate you so much.
March 2011

Dear Kira
Thank you so much for the reading. I was crying by the second line or so and am so grateful for what you have communicated.

March 2011

Kira – thank you so much.  You tuned in to my thoughts and fears exactly.
March 2011

Thank you so much ! :o) it’s to “fresh” to realize everything you are seeing and saying. But it really makes sense to me.
I just feel like a child receiving the most beautiful birthday present! I am really excited :o)
March 2011


Thank you so much for your reading this is my first ever one. it is right on the money especially my love life. i find myself reading it every day.
March 2011

Dear Kira,  thank you very much. I appreciate your guidance and I thank you a lot for sharing it with us.
February 2011


Oh wow! What a beautiful message you sent me! Thank you so so much, your words are in fact like a light house offering me a direction. Kira, I've never seen you, but I feel you close.
Thank you as always for your precious and loving advice, I will keep you posted, and in some months I will write to you again for a second reading, maybe in preparation for that golden 2012 that is slowly approaching.
Love, xxx :) Many blessing your way.
January 2011

Dear Kira,
Thank you so much for my reading, it is beautiful, insightful and totally spot on!
January 2011

Hi Kira,
Thank you so so much. I cannot say how much you have helped me.  May you be blessed with everything your heart desires for the wonderful job you do.
Thanks a million xxxxx
January 2011

Hi Kira,
Thank you so much for your reading.  The words are very accurate and have given me a lot to think about.  It is like after getting your reading a lightbulb has gone off and things seem a bit clearer on what I have to do.
I am very impressed that you picked up on the writing. I am currently doing a creative writing course, which I love doing. Thank you so much again for your reading.
January 2011

Hi Kira,
I just wanted to email you to let you know that your reading for me last year was spot on.  I have now in fact met someone exactly as you described in detail.   The accuracy is amazing, I like him very much and hopefully things will work out. You wrote:  "Anyway, this new man, he is wearing a suit. That means he has a professional job. He works in a city. London. He is particular about his shoes they are clean and extremely expensive. You’ll notice that. He has been to public school, by that I mean private school. He’s not over the top posh though, just rather well educated. And I see him playing cricket in his past and he likes rugby rather than football. He has got brown hair, very brown, not a mix of fair and brown, or auburn, it is definitely a real milk chocolate brown colour. It’s a little bit floppy at the front and on top, and short at the sides. He is very relaxed and easy going he is also a very loving person."
The person I have met by complete incident works as a lawyer, has dark brown hair as you described and went to a private school.  As you said he is very down to earth and easy going and very well educated, all of the above in fact relates to him.  I didn’t think to check your reading until the other day.  I met him just after Xmas so wasn’t expecting it or looking.
Thank you very much for this reading and I will definitely use you again in the future.
January 2011

Dear Kira,
Hi there, and thank you so very much for your Lovely Love* letter!(s)! and such profoundly inspiring insight and advice! Wow, that is sooo true what you have said.!  I have realised I have been doing so many of these things! With many blessings and much love and thanks for your inspiring thoughts from you and your company!
January 2011
* Regarding the free monthly Love Letter that I send out, to subscribe complete the form on our homepage... Thank you so much for all your amazing insight, love and care. I love your straight forwardness and honesty. I know you'll always be a click away if I'm ever stuck in life. You're a Beautiful, Angelic, Good Spirited legend and I can't thank you enough for your help

January 2011

Thank you so very much. Your advice for my wife has helped to make life feel truly amazing again. I have a new zest for life and going forward now feels a whole lot more achievable and seemingly uncomplicated. I thank you so much. Xxx.

January 2011

Hi Kira, your reading for my boyfriend was so good it made me cry!  I want one too now! 
Many thanks.
December 2010

Thank you again for all your advice and support... It's truly invaluable. At the time when I was transitioning earlier this year it gave me moral support and hope that things would turn out for the best, and they did. More than anything, this has been an amazing learning experience for me, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
December 2010

I have just ordered another reading you will see.
All the people who have used your services are all 'wowed' by the readings and am sure they will tell their friends too.
December 2010

Hi Kira
Thanks very much for the reading, you have got a lot of things very accurate, you paint a picture of me in a very lovely way and I'm very honored I'm seen in this light. I kind of know many of these things and have been told similar things by others.  I just wanted to say thank you very much for your lovely reading and try to give you some feed back and tie a few things into the reading for you, as I'm sure it must give you satisfaction to know you have done well. I hope my e-mail will return some of the lovely energy you sent it to me with.
Thank you very much and I hope you continue to do what your doing for a long time as you are bring so much help and understanding to others.
December 2010

Dear Kira,
Many many thanks for this wonderful, beautiful reading!
I am deeply touched and impressed on how well I see myself described...things I did not rationally know but do recognize being really true......
I am re-reading this many times as it strikes more profound cords every time.
I am somehow pretty sure I will ask for your help again once I have digested and put into action the wise indications in this reading.......
Thank you!!!!!
with many blessings.
December 2010

Dear Kira,
You did a reading for me almost a year ago, and much has changed since then! So many things you told me about came true, especially things about my job and personal growth... I did discover a whole new side of me, having to do with creativity, that I didn't even suspect in January when I got my reading from you. But you saw it all.
December 2010

Thank you so much for this Kira, great information and advice. Everything you say absolutely lines up with other things I've learnt and have to keep relearning, and times of great happiness when I've been spending time to work on spiritual growth or alignment or whatever it is that just makes sense of everything. Made me cry with your lines at the end. You are astounding Kira, to know why you're here and to be passing around such a lot of love, that's a very rare gift indeed. I am very lucky to know you and to have your help. Is more than thanks.
December 2010

Dear Kira,
You truly are amazing, thank you for an inspiring reading :0)
Thanks again, Kira.  You provide such comfort.
December 2010

Hi Kira,
You did a full reading for me last year and it was very accurate.
December 2010

Hi Kira, I just wanted to let you know that your email of 3rd October 2009
 (my birthday!) was absolutely spot on You said the world would become a smaller place and that I would have serendipitous meetings with successful men, who were shown as Kings, a metaphor for their standing in the world You saw them bending down to listen to what I had to say, and taking me very seriously All this has come to pass I am assisting X ( world famous author).. I have flown to X, where he lives, twice this year already, which is further than I have ever traveled And yes, the world does seem a much smaller place, in more ways than one
So thank you for your insights! And this is only the beginning!!
Much Love.
October 2010

Hi Kira, Thank you once again on a fabulous reading, I think you have the situation spot on again! ....The chap is someone who I have recently met this last couple of months, and like your previous reading you have described him to a tee. Since I did all the cord cutting you recommended before, I had so much attention I didn’t know what to do with it!..
October 2010

Dear Kira, Thanks so much for your insights through this reading I am not sure whether you realise how well you described my present It is amazing!
October 2010

Hi Kira
Just read your reading for me.....thank you very much! I've only read it the once, but what you said about how things are with me currently; my thinking, how things are at work, how men are (!) are spot on!
Anyway, thank you again for the reading You're doing great work and I've enjoyed your newsletters too!
October 2010

Hi Kira, Thank you so much for email reading , I am always amazed at how you are able to do this kind of thing but so glad you can  I feel you have me spot on.
October 2010

Hey Beautiful, Thank-you so much & what a beautiful, beautiful reading… This has helped give me peace of mind & to remind me to keep moving forward & regroup as such with everything.
October 2010

Thank you Kira, I really look forward to your Lighthouse Love Letters each month They really fill me with joy & are always revealing & they always speak volumes to me.
Much love, light & autumn sunshine to you, A xx
September 2010

WOW Kira thanks so much for this.
You have definitely been very accurate.
It has given me a lot of insight.
September 2010

Thank you Kira, I am feeling much better, again, thank you for your help taking me back to planet Earth, and most importantly back to my Self.
You are so right in all you told me.
So onwards on with life! So many good things coming!
With all my gratitude and love for the clarity of your vision, September 2010

You are very impressive in your reading ability There is so much in it, I love it Very helpful! It’s a wonderful gift that can ease our hearts on our journey to stay the course September 2010

Dearest Kira, Thank you so much! your words are truly enlightening :) I will heed and treasure your advice and work on these whole heartedly I'm glad I took
's advice to get a reading from you I'm glad that she introduced me to your gift :) It's been a pleasure listening to your inputs and I feel that you have really listened to me well - in the sense that you have tuned in so well to who I am as a person Thank you! This is definitely a first step to me gathering myself up and achieving my best potential.
September 2010

Dear Kira, First and foremost, I'd like to express my amazement and thanks for such an accurate and wonderful reading I couldn't help but be pleased with how spot on you have tuned into me with the words you have shared If I must share, your words woke me up (physically and figuratively) this morning when I read them.
September 2010

Hi Kira, Just to let you know, your last reading was spot on I have just got the approval that I have been waiting for and am able to start work this month with
Thank you Kira your the best.
September 2010

Hello Kira you have twice offered such helpful and really accurate information that I once again come to you for some guidance Heartfelt thank you for your insightful and thoughtful readings.
September 2010

Thank you for giving me faith and the tools to realize my own desires and dreams in the most wonderful ways imaginable....you know exactly what I'm talking about I think, that was lightening speed man!!! The pic I put on my fortune wheel for relationships a few weeks ago is THE EXACT spitting image of my brand new husband I swear Thank You and Bless you a thousand fold my friend :) ?
September 2010

Thank you so much for the amazing reading you have given me Kira, I have had many many readings from people in the past but none have been like yours I don't know what to say other than - if anyone is looking for a reading then go to Kira!! Thanks once again xx
September 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you for the great reading! I was checking my email a lot the last few days, looking for it :)
It felt very true to me and accurate Many insights and confirmations of things for me.
You have helped me see the way on my path more clearly, and for that I am thankful.
I will let it all sink in for a little bit and let you know if I have anything to follow up with - I appreciate your offer to do so.
Blessings to you.
August 2010

Dear Kira, OH MY GOSH! You really are amazing I'm so delighted that you are using your abilities to help people it is very inspiring If you ever want another positive testimonial I will be more than willing to rave your abilities You answered all my questions and more and gave me the light at the end of the tunnel I can't thank you enough for everything!
August 2010

Dear Kira, I'm so sorry that it has taken me until now to send you my thanks for your gift of an incredible reading!
August 2010

Dear Kira, This is fantastic! You have such a magical gift Thank you so much! You are spot on!
August 2010

Kira, Thank you so much for your insight it is very enlightening to speak/email someone who can objectively look at things and see them for what they are....August 2010

Dear Kira, I want to thank you for your generosity in answering my additional follow-up questions I feel that you have gone above and beyond my expectations regarding the reading and feel that you have really gotten me in ways that I was surprised and moved to read I also feel more peaceful and strong, which is a very new feeling regarding the separation that I anticipate happening very soon I very much appreciate your service and wisdom, and anticipate that I will be ordering more readings in the future as I step in this new path Many blessings to you as you so freely give to others.
August 2010

Kira, this was RIGHT ON THE SPOT :-)
you nailed the situation down with such a detail that I'm speechless.
THANKS August 2010

WOW Kira, Thank you for sharing the vast information with me Please do give me a few more days to be with the message I'm already noticing how it feels in my body as I read July 2010

This did help Kira thank you! I don’t know what to say other than that really did help Thanks for the follow up, it’s really appreciated.
I have been moved to tears every time I read the original email from you so that’s got to mean something is right on the money!
July 2010

Wow Kira! I'm kind of dumbfounded right now Thank you so much That was exactly what I needed to hear It makes perfect sense to me I wish there was a bigger word than thank you, but that's all I could come up with for right now I really appreciate it though I can finally stop banging my head against the wall! (figuratively, of course)
July 2010

Thank you for seeing me through my darkest hour Kira, I will never have the words to thank you enough July 2010

So funny, today I was reading again one of your emails where you say I'd fall in love with a man with this and that characteristics. the thing is that I guess I'm in love; when reading your description, it matches this person in almost everything apart from 1-2 details, out of the 10+ you describe.. amazing!
July 2010

Hi Kira, Thank you so much for the reading It was such a delight!
It was as if you really did speak to my heart and share it's thoughts. What a great thing to connect with other's hearts so deeply It must feel amazing when you do!
July 2010

Kira! I'm speechless You nailed it.
You were right on, in such an amazing, heart connected way! Everything you say resonates with my thoughts and feelings, and I truly appreciate your great advice - it all feels very right to me Thanks again - you are truly gifted, and when I have a bit more money, I will write and ask for a longer reading.
July 2010

Dear Kira
Thank you so much for this, it is really quite amazing I felt very emotional reading it, and since then too, as I have re-read it I realize that I must make steps to let go of resignation and choose action! July 2010

Kira did me the most amazing reading which manifests itself in truth more and more every day x July 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you SO much for the reading I am sure it was no surprise to you that it was spot on! The message you gave me has been trying to get through, I was aware of it July 2010

A response to receiving the free monthly Love Letter:
Oh Shoot, Jeez, THAT is beautiful What a heart you have, it's good it is ONE heart and that we all share the same one :)
One heart One soul.
All blessings and love
July 2010

Hi Kira, I had dinner with a few friends on Monday evening and I told them about your readings I didn't know quite how to explain it, I just said that they are beautiful and filled with so much love...
I always imagined that you access Spirit in a higher frequency to see our lives from up there.
It's so interesting that you actually don't go up but you drop down and tune in to our hearts.
That is truly amazing.
Feeling the love July 2010

My life has changed.. thanks to you Kira! July 2010

Hi Kira, I am so thankful to be receiving Lighthouse Love Letters again.
This one made me search back through and find my reading from a year and a half ago.
It is shocking to read through all that you knew before it happened, some took a bit of time and others are still in the process of becoming But in re-reading it brought me such joy, I had to reach out and thank you I'm hoping to schedule another reading soon.
Much gratitude.
July 2010

Hi Kira, This is 'A' - you did a reading for me, you said I was going to move to the south or south west (I’m in Scotland)... I was in London last week.. I went to stay with a girl I met (abroad)- she asked me to come stay with her there How bloomin exciting!! xx love 2 u
June 2010

Hi ya Kira
Thank you so so much for the amazingness you have sent me I let it work it's magic for a few days, I keep on coming back to it and keep on discovering more truths in it It's a real reflection to how I feel about things so well done you :)
June 2010

Best reading ever!!! Thank you :) ? June 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you for your very detailed reading: I have found it very helpful /inspiring/ intriguing/enlightening - shall I go on!
Once again, thank you for a very full and informative reading June 2010

...And work? Are you still busy with all your readings? Oh yeah T is with the guy you mentioned who would come up! all that you said about him has happened! Not that I am surprised I have to say So she is happy & newly in love! June 2010

Hi Kira, You recently did a reading for me and I just wanted to let you know that, as you predicted, I got cash to do some training I'm getting some voice coaching I want to do kids cartoons and whatever else comes to mind that is a delight - maybe kids relaxation CD as well I have been told almost my whole life that I have a sweet or funny voice and so at the age of 42 I am finally going to take action :)
I love you ladybird! x June 2010

Again thank you so much for your kindness and insight I value everything that you tell me I too noticed your mentioning of America in my initial reading I must tell you that I have lived in America for many years and on several different times in my life, so it did not surprise me at all when you mentioned the connection I was just quite impressed that you had picked up on it.
Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart June 2010

Kira, thanks very much for taking the time to answer my questions in such detail and so quickly.
June 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you so much for a wonderful reading You are right on the money with the way you describe me and my life That is amazing because I did not give you much information before hand Again thank you so much for this reading I will most certainly call on your services again June 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you so much for getting back to me with your answers! You have truly inspired me and I am really looking forward to living my life and to the future What a wonderful gift you have I am very grateful for coming across your website (not by accident I think!!!) and that you wish to share your talents with your fellow human beings Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
May peace love and light always fill your heart- June 2010

Hi Kira, Thanks for the reading It all made perfect sense and it made me cry!
Your advice and guidance has been an inspiration to me I will take it all onboard June 2010

Hi Kira, Thanks so much for the reading :) I really enjoyed going through it and I know I shall do when I read it again in the future Thanks for the insight and advice - I feel very understood and really appreciate the sage words of wisdom May 2010

Hi Kira, Thank-you so much for this lovely reading It is spot on and there is nothing in here that I think is off, or not applicable May 2010

You got it spot on!! I’m very excited now that you put me on the right and faster track…x April 2010
Hi Kira, Thanks for an amazing reading – it’s made me feel a lot better and actually put a lot into perspective for me at my current stage April 2010

Hi Kira, Thank you for this, it has been a very interesting read In some ways its very reflective of the way I have been feeling, so its interesting that you pick up on it I think its amazing how you pick up some specifics like you do Its reassurance that's often well needed, which I think you provide so well April 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you for the love letters you send us They are all so interesting, and many times they come with an answer to my questions April 2010

I love receiving the love letter, always something of immense value in it for me April 2010
Thank you so much for your guidance! I have never met somebody like you who has empowered me to change the outcome that was predicted…
Blessings from Canada!
Thankful from the bottom of my heart April 2010

Hi Kira, A big thank you for the reading As before, it was spot on with everything you said and it all made perfect sense I only ask for readings at times in my life when I feel I 'need' them so receiving this was wonderful March 2010

Hi Kira, Wow what a reading Thank you solo much It is all true of course It’s been the most interesting reading I’ve had in years! March 2010

Hi Kira, You did a fantastic reading for me just over a year ago Life has moved on just as you predicted! March 2010

Hi Kira, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful newsletters I always look forward to them appearing in my inbox and I always take time to read them Your messages are always relevant and well needed. Thank you March 2010
Thank you so much for the reading! It is always such a treat to get a reading from you. I think your readings are like therapy for the soul because they always do resonate true deep down, even though it may not always be what the mind wants to hear, it seems it always is what the soul truly wants the mind to hear Thank you March 2010

Dear Kira, Oh my God! My reading was amazing, thank you so much, and I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier to thank you for it I was thinking it over very intensely this last days. February 2010

Dear Kira, You truly have a wonderful gift You did not need any information about me, yet you knew exactly what is going on in my life Thank you so much for my reading Everything you said is right. I really don't have the words to express how thankful I am for your reading It was worth the wait I've wanted to get a reading with you for over a year now. For the first time in years, I feel relief Thank you for this feeling.
Thank you Kira. February 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you very much for your reply I didn’t expect receiving your reply so fast.
I am impressed about your accuracy about my life Your write up is very kind, easy to read and pleasant. The world we live in is just so wonder- and colorful! Indeed it is a true experience!
Sunny and warm regards from Singapore February 2010

Kira, thank you again for the excellent reading Pretty much everything you said resonated with me I think that love manifests itself in interactions with other people, with the help and support we give each other It's a simple truth that I recognized only recently; no one is an island, myself included It's important to ask for help if need be and to accept it graciously I appreciate so much your readiness to continue our dialogue and I'm very grateful for your advice so far and for anything you can share with me in the future. Thank you again! February 2010

Hi Kira, I just want to say thank you very much for the advice and for answering my questions in so much depth You have given me hope for the future and I feel one day I will be happy again I will definitely be coming back for more readings in the future January 2010

Dear Kira; Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions… As always your reading was so healing for me, because it provided me with hope, complete and deep understanding, practical solutions to my problems and trust that all is well… I cannot thank you enough… May the Universe bring you many blessings as you are one special gift to us….January 2010

Dear Kira, Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me, thanks again for your time and consideration, it has surpassed all of my expectations from when I first e-mailed you for a reading A service which goes far beyond the call of duty! This level of care and understanding I have never experienced You are truly unique, and I would recommend you highly to anyone who needed a push in the right direction!
Thanks so much January 2010

Dear Kira, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! Your wise words resonate with me, your description of my paralyzing fears is so accurate, it hurts.. Thank you! January 2010

Hi Kira, I'm just dropping you a line to thank you for the astounding reading I received from you on Monday I must say you got me spot on to an absolute T! I have already put your wise words into action, I think it was the push that I needed! January 2010

Dear Kira, As always, thank you for the reading You always seem to really be able to tap into the core of me January 2010

Dear Kira thank you so much for your letter. As ever you are extremely sensitive and accurate and provide me with support and comfort as well as re-assurance Thank you January 2010

Hi Kira, thank you for my reading Are you sure you haven't lived with me and Mr. 'X' for the past 9 months? lol you're so accurate.
You're right about everything...I've always thought he was worth it so thank you for confirming that for me, I will take your advice as I trust you impeccably, thank you so much, and thank you again for being patient with me over the payment, you are a special friend indeed many blessings and love to you Kira December 2009

Dear Kira, Some of the things you wrote hit the core, like you're the 'Neurofen Extra Plus' of psychics', lol, if you know what I mean? - Get straight to the root and cut out the bullshit and no need nonsense! Well thanks again for reading for me Kira It will be taken on board :) I do admire you sight and deliverance I've had a couple of other readings done before but yours very unique and feels more honest/straight to the point than others December 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you very much for the quick response and for the reading I have found it very useful and made it a easier to make a decision about this situation.
Thank you very much again for your help December 2009

Hello Kira, I love your work so much and everyone who stays with me at the retreat I give them your details to get a reading form you as you help so much So thank you.
I am still reading my last letter form you ( or from me to me ) as it still moves and clarifies things for me and it is always nice to hear where I am going is positive December 2009

Kira, Kira, Kira, Thank you for coming back so soon Your reply has strangely lifted me inside a great deal :] You know even from the first reading I had from you, even as hard it was for me at the time to read and take in I never had a doubt to your ability, attitude or care You are a wonderful person and even more wonderful to be sharing your gift with people and helping them through life - a saint in my eyes! Hey you also mentioned about fencing :] wow you know I was thinking of trying that out in the New Year lol! December 2009

Hello Kira, Thank you very much for my reading I've already had good insights into what is coming up for me next year, but I did need some clarity about my own feelings and you have provided me with that So, thank you for the clarity that has run through the reading and I will come to you again for a reading sometime in the future December 2009

Dear Kira, First of all, thank you very much for making the time to connect with Spirit and sending me this message I find it astonishing how you described the present and helped me see signs of the future, too!
I have read this reading several times and each and every time I find something new in it, a new message to think about December 2009

Dearest Kira, Thanks Thanks Thanks, your words touched me deeply and brought tears of relief to my eyes! A fantastic reminder, and I am reading it several times a day! I am so happy to have your validation, when I am going through it like I am now, I can forget the progress I have made Thanks, big hugs
and love December 2009

Today another aspect of your reading came true and two friends who I thought have the ‘perfect’ relationships have split up It was precisely what you said would happen December 2009
Dear Kira, Thank you for your reading Your guidance and inspiration has moved me forward.
With Love and Gratitude November 2009

Dear Kira, It has been 12 months since you sent me your readings and wow you were so right on everything you mentioned I had the overseas trip last October which you predicted and I had already booked without you knowing It was as if you were reading my heart’s desires & mind at that time in my life However, I live in Australia and you are in the UK so there no way of you knowing anything You predicted the success of my business & love life and it has all happened just as you said it would You talked about the healing and personal growth I would experience in a very loving and gentle way & back then I felt fragile and was looking for answers or even something to look forward to In all honesty I was a little skeptical as I had been to psychics before but you are more than a psychic Your readings come from a very authentic place from within you & it is very clear that you love what you do Thank-you for showing me how to access such wonderful guidance from within, after all you told me what was already in my heart November 2009

What an amazing reading You were spot on with the mountain lioness That happened to me in the mountains of Colorado many years ago, and I just happened to tell that story the night before I received your reading in my inbox A great validation from spirit and a heads up to pay attention to all the other info included November 2009

Thank you, Kira You are truly amazing and have given me such comfort I contacted you again as the reading you gave me in February was so, so accurate and I knew that if I contacted you again, you'd be the one to give me that remote hug I need at soul level Bless you The funny thing is I've had a big shift in the last month and believe my guide is a Buddha .. you've clarified it for me! Much love, and thank you again November 2009

Hello Kira, I hope you don’t mind me emailing you but I felt that it was only just that I did I had a reading off you last November I don't know if you remember but I emailed you back saying that the reading didn’t relate to me at all, however as the year has unfolded it relates perfectly to me I just wanted you to know that you were right and I will give you a call and pay you for the second reading you gave me free of charge as soon as possible.... much love and light xxx Thank you Kira November 2009

Thank you Kira, your email touched me deeply Thanks again for your guidance November 2009

Hey Kira, thanks for .. you know, everything .. being here, giving generously of yourself, and really for helping me get back to the land of love where there are no limits - woohoo, I’m comin home!!
November 2009

Dear Kira, I hope you are well and in good health By the way, I really like your monthly Love Letters! The last three months have been great for me and your reading is as usual spot on - thanks! October 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you very much again for your 2nd reading After I read your emails, I feel very calm and happy to know that I have nothing to worry about my life with
Mr. X
 You have helped me to look at myself and the future from a different angle I always followed my gut feelings and trust my senses, but I've made many mistakes This time, you have confirmed my instincts about Mr. X and provided valuable guidance October 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you very much for your readings I am very excited and happy to read what you sent me I've shared your readings with my boyfriend and he is also amazed what you could see in us October 2009

Hi Kira, Thank you for confirming so much for me You were right on regarding my father in law- and my MOM!! The picture you described of peace is everything we have dreamt of Thank you for the validation of that October 2009

Hi Kira, Thank you so much for your email It is exactly what I needed at this moment in time Everything you say resonates I will keep you posted as I think we are on the brink of exciting times Oct 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you for the reading It is scarily accurate So accurate I had to go back and make sure I didn't put any other information into my questions I am still quite astounded by your accuracy WOW Thank you October 2009

Thank you so much, Kira Your guidance has been a big part of my spiritual progress - the word Guru comes to mind :) Thank you October 2009

I wanted to tell you, you were right in what you saw - and I feel like I have entered a new chapter in my life, and like there's been a huge shift, in a positive way - and I will be doing another reading in the not too distant future! Thank you!!!! October 2009

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate the love letter! It was fantastic, inspiring and right on point! Thank you, thank you! October 2009

Hi Kira, Thank you so much, I have just read the first few lines, and as always you are ALWAYS spot on!! I am in the process of trying to become more in touch with my feelings and not my thoughts.. I love it! THANK YOU so much Kira...you really are a shinning light, and my thoughts were in a knot...much love September 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you for the reading It really touched upon everything I have been feeling lately It is very helpful to be reassured that things are okay now even when I don't think so!! September 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you from the depth of my being, you have enable me and my fiancé' to connect on an even deeper level and be more aware of what our daughter wants and needs for her life journey, the exactness of your readings is such a blessing, it has been like we have sat there with you while you spoke with us all, communicating in our language This world is blessed from your presence thank you enlightening our lives yet again We are looking forward to the next one Thank you September 2009

Kira, Thank you for your reading I still go back to the one you did for me last year and I see a lot of change in what have you have written for me that I feel speaks to the changes I have undertaken within the year Your insights still startle me For now thank you again Kira Your readings truly are a blessing September 2009

Hi Kira, Wow I can't stop crying...your words touched my deepest core My heart and soul feel the love and truth in your words Thank you so much for your patience, generosity and guidance in my spiritual journey I don't know how I would ever learn to cuddle the tiger if you weren't around Slowly getting there...thank you so much September 2009

Kira, This is an extraordinary letter (kind of brilliant actually!) I felt something shift in me as I read it I thank you so much and will read it over and over again - along with the rest of my reading.
I'm already looking forward to my next reading!! Peace and Love - September 2009

Dear Kira, A huge warm thanks for your reading. I decided I would go through it and highlight each phrase and word that resonated, either positively or to which there might have been some resistance All I can report is that your reading is now a totally new colour – not a word or phrase un-highlighted, there was a jewel in each I felt such optimism I could go on – but will stop here Hopefully I have conveyed how deep in gratitude I am for your reading and your honesty September 2009
I want to thank you for your beautiful reading today It made me cry - good, cathartic tears You have an extraordinary gift - I don't know how you can get to these soul issues (or whatever the proper words are!) so clearly Your reading was on target all the way through - and I am grateful I had a reading with you once before and I read it over and over I heard different things each time You gift is amazing - and I thank you so much September 2009
Kira - What a beautiful, light-filled reading! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You now have - in me - a client for life! You amazingly tapped into the core issues of what is really going on in my life I've been so, so sad I don't know how you managed to be so specific and so on-target all the way through - on every issue I am amazed I so appreciate your gift - it was beautiful Thank you again for your time, for your gift, and for your kindness I have read your reading over a few times already - and each time I hear something new Incredible - really March 2009

Dear Kira, Thank you so much for your clear & concise response I definitely should have contacted you sooner Sept 2009

I really appreciate the reading I received from you a year ago and just ordered a second. Sept 2009

Hi Kira, Thanks so much for the wonderful reading It really moved me because some things were just so dead on I can't thank you enough for all you said about letting go and getting out of my mind I feel like I've been searching for years on how to let it go, but I've never really understood what that meant, and I think you've given me the key! September 2009

Hi Kira, Many many thanks for this reading it is so so true!!! Can't believe how you knew some of the stuff without me telling you-it is so accurate! Sept 2009

Kira, thank you again for your wisdom and kindness in speaking to me on the soul level I need I am ready to embrace living there, to be free of the shackles and clinging trickery of my mind I wake up when you talk to me, thank you again for taking the time and care to respond to me September 2009

I have just put an order through for another reading Still read back over some of the previous ones- and still recognizing truth in them after reading through them many times August 2009

Hi Kira, Wow, that was a marathon!! Thanks so much, I found it very transforming, as well as validating and supportive I feel different- more connected, quicker to work through emotions, yeah!!
I am more trusting about our move, I am staying in the moment!
Thanks you shining Kira, you give me so much, make it easier for me to walk my path, grow from my lessons, and guide me through the my emotional stuff!! I appreciate it hugely!! August 2009

Thanks Kira for being there in March during a rather difficult time Your insights were helpful in getting me through what looks in hindsight like a rather dark tunnel!
You suggested that there was a jewel hidden in taking a part-time job ...well there are many I picked up 2 jobs and it has certainly helped my self-esteem and improved my outlook on life The other day I met a customer who I instantly resonated with and knew that she was a contact for me to meet along this journey I thought of you as we were speaking! August 2009

Dear Kira, thank you for so much thought and care in responding to me I find myself reading it over and over I feel assured and inspired and find what you say is resonant with my soul, like a long breath. Thank you Kira, with love and respect to you August 2009
Thank you for the reading, it is amazing to read it and I know I will often refer to it, in fact just reading it has given me a greater sense of peace, particularly in regards to friendships Thanks for
the information on dealing with emotions from a soul level, that is in fact something I have begun working on by fully grounding myself and experiencing feelings, but you have given me even
greater insight into this As with the writing Well you certainly hit the nail on the head as I have spent the past year going round it all in my head!
August 2009

Thank you so much for my reading, I am truly grateful, I have felt for some time that my Soul has very important advice for me but I have been asking the wrong questions and needed your
August 2009

Everything is so spot on, and I had been asking what to do with my hair and now I know, grow it long and don't dye it :-).
August 2009

Much appreciated! Thank you for your wonderful readings and warm heart You are a true shining light.
August 2009

I am much more relaxed now than before when I had contacted you - thanks for being a vital part of my experience and vision of change in life and also for giving me more faith in my future.
July 2009

Thank you for the reading - I am really energized and oozing with delight after it!
July 2009

Oh Kira, you are spot on! I've been going out of my mind because I haven't been able to figure this out, I've literally felt like my head is about to explode After today I have five days off from
work, and I decided I'm just going to do.. nothing, nothing but enjoying them.
July 2009

Thank you so much! I love getting your readings!!!!
July 2009

Thank you! July 2009

Dear Kira, Many thanks for this reading, which, once again, is all so true! June 2009

Wow! That is all I have to say :)
June 2009

That was wonderful! It made me feel so calm and happy! Tingly almost, because it all sounded so amazing and felt so right!!!
June 2009

Wow Kira! Right between the eyes! Have you been in contact with my girlfriend? or has she been in contact with you? I ask because you’re saying exactly the same things as her – even using the exact same expressions such as the other man being a catalyst for her to end it and You deserve someone who can give you an equal love Exactly the same.
June 2009

Wow, Kira, what to say, exceptional as usual...
June 2009

Hi Kira, Thank you for your love and support You are truly a being of service and love - just your presence through your words touches the love and truth within me and takes me closer to
my home again Gratitude overwhelms my heart for you And if I may say, I assume something has shifted for you since my first reading in October as your presence seems even more
June 2009

Hi Kira, Just wanted to say that you gave me this reading this time last year and a year on it cant have been more accurate it- I Thank you so much for your advice I am sure it has enabled
me to go with the flow during the difficult times! Keep up the good work Thank you
June 2009

Thank you! Thanks for helping me do a reality shift
May 2009

Kira, Thank you so much for your truly inspiring words I knew what I was experiencing and feeling was for growth but you articulated the deepness and the loveliness of it all so beautifully I
now feel so much more positive about my journey I am certainly getting in touch with more and more of my true self now and I am going to take it easy - no pressure - and let myself bloom.
yeeha! Thank you for the encouragement to let my feelings flow I was looking for a reason and looking for how to feel better but now I will 'Just Be'.
May 2009

Thank you Kira, you are always so helpful and positive in your guidance All of your messages made perfect sense to me I feel much calmer about my life and much clearer about my
direction and purpose You are such a blessing to the world.
May 2009

What a joy to hear from you! I have been wanting to write you, actually, to ask what may be a far-fetched question.. but, several months ago I received an email reading from you which I
now cannot find anywhere I deeply valued the wisdom and insight of that message, and am distressed that I can't refer back to it Is it possible that you keep copies of your readings? There
were several life-areas that had projections into my future -- peeps around the corner -- many of which are manifesting, and I'd just be so delighted if I could re-read those light-filled words.
May 2009

Hi Kira: Thanks so much for your thoughtful, meaningful reading I have read it many times in the last six weeks.
April 2009

You were so accurate on so many things! Thanks for your insights from a higher perspective I appreciate you lending me a ladder to have a peek outside the rut that I have dug for myself.
Now it's time to climb out!
April 2009

Thank you so much for the reading which I have just read with tears of relief and knowingness streaming from my eyes I have recently been on spiritual training refresher courses and your
reading has been a welcome blessing and answer to my prayers I am so grateful for your words I feel blessed and humbled by all that has been shared through you, thank you OM

My deepest thanks & gratitude for throwing me yet another lifeline.. You are a magical savior.. Sorry for falling off track & losing the plot for a while.. I got IT now.. Thank You.. Have you ever thought of putting all your knowledge/wisdom/techniques in a book form? Most things available out there only touch one principle, one way, one thought...You have such an array of various tools, knowledge & techniques from such a broad spectrum; Your approach is so unique, pure, simple, logical, wise, compassionate, logical.. I am sure that you could transform millions of lives, reach, touch, help & heal millions of people.. Just a thought.. I think that it would be absolutely brilliant, for you & for everyone else out there...
Mar 2009

In my last reading you said to watch out for white feathers, that they are a sign And I just wanted to tell you that in the last couple of days I have been seeing them everywhere! Wow! Just thought I'd share...
Mar 2009

No one has ever helped me the way you have.
Mar 2009

Dear Kira, thank you very much! I understand now and I see myself doing what you said.. I already started to work on myself Thank you for your recommendations I really appreciate it!
Mar 2009

I'd like to thank you for an inspiring reading It gave me confidence in what I do and how I feel!!
Mar 2009

Thank you ever so much for your reply.. As usual you are spot on.. You are truly fantastic you know.. Magic...
Mar 2009

Thanks, awesome reading! Helped me enormously. Your words about 'x' have already come true yesterday I loved feeling your energy on the phone, you do have a different quality, you seem free, light, joyful and very surrendered to the Universe. Very beautiful!
Mar 2009

Thank you ever so much for your kind, wise, compassionate & supportive words.. They brought tears to my eyes as I felt so comforted to know that what I was going through was normal & would soon pass.. Thank you...
Feb 2009

You're are really an angel!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement and perspective It helps a lot
Feb 2009

Great reading, I will follow it, I already am I've gotten all the same info and you have confirmed it, explained it and expanded on it Even the part about not mentioning the future to her, I'd gotten that already Spirit is so kind to me I'd be a fool not to listen.
Feb 2009

Thank you so much for your reading It was very accurate and extremely comforting You've highlighted some of my innermost thoughts.
Feb 2009

Thank you so much, you're a true angel on earth helping so many people with your love and compassion.
Feb 2009

Thanks for the reading Wow, you really are good at this :-) I am very impressed!
Feb 2009

Thank you so much for the reading... amazingly accurate!
Feb 2009

As always, your reading really hit me at the core Thank you so much for your generous and beautiful reading! As for my job, funny enough, my intuition told me April will be the marker - thank you for the affirmation! I hope to be able to meet you someday when life takes me to your part of the world.
Feb 2009

Thank you for making me more aware of the power of my thoughts, the abundance of the universe and the overflowing love from God for all things and through all things :)And I told
that of all the people whom I've seen for guidance from Spirit through the years, you are the one I trust most - I can feel your love and your heart in your words.. In love and light always.
Jan 2009

You are ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE!!! The way you have dealt & are still dealing with things is amazing! You have done & said all the right things at all the right times...You are so intelligent & wise, so kind & compassionate, so beautiful & inspiring...You have all my admiration, respect & deepest gratitude.
Jan 2009

I am utterly speechless Thank you doesn't even capture how grateful I am for the words from Spirit you have shared with me. It came at such a perfect time and was definitely worth the wait! You are indeed a special person and I pray for loving light to continuously surround you as you give guidance to many more souls like me, despite your own struggles and your path of spiritual growth You have my prayers, my light and my angels whenever you need them.
Jan 2009

Thank you for the really beautiful, honest and insightful reading! I have read it a couple of times already and it all really resonates with me Thanks again for the words of insight and wisdom It's really given me a spurt of confidence in myself in my work life especially Groovy!
Jan 2009

You know something, you have a real special way of making people feel loved and special, thank you for your kind words.
Jan 2009

I thank you so much for your reading I read it many times over and each time I got something else out of it.
Dec 2008

Thank you very much, you are so clever! My daughter is currently auditioning for dance schools! The other things   .well you are just right about them all I am going to listen and take heed! Thank you very much Kira.
Dec 2008

Thank you very much for your reading which seemed to confirm some things I've been feeling My deepest regards and thanks.
Dec 2008

Thank you so much for your wonderful and precious reading. Big hug.
Dec 2008

Thank you for the comprehensive description of the existing situation.
Dec 2008

Thanks so much for the reading, it's so amazing and all very exciting and apt etc.
Dec 2008

Wow, Kira, I am at loss for words. You are clearly very talented and I am very grateful for what you have given me I will be in touch very soon Until then I send you my deepest gratitude, Be well.
Dec 2008

I just wanted to say thank you again. I think I actually
you when you linked into me :) wow! exciting stuff! Also, I think you're doing my mom's reading today, or maybe you already have! Thank you!
Dec 2008

Thank you so much! You are right on all counts. I cried when I read the paragraph at the end about my mother.
Dec 2008

Dear Kira, What can I say? You're amazing, beautiful, awesome.. and angel Thank you so much This confirmed so many things, and just really gave me a great sense of direction and confidence as I continue to experience all the blissful moments of transformation ahead I could literally talk about this reading for hours, and maybe one day in England I will get to meet you to do that : ) I cried the whole time I read it and continued to shake while driving in my car afterwards Beautiful You are loved : )
Nov 2008

I think I have found the answers to my questions It took me 30 years to understand some things about life and the purpose we have With your help and a couple of books I just finished reading I am able to understand things in a different way I don't need anymore the answers for the questions I've asked you to help me this week You are awesome! Thank you for all your help and advice through your readings With the New Year and the holidays around I want to wish you all the best in the world, lots of amazing people around you, lots of love and blessing and a New Year full of accomplishments Thank you again for everything.
Nov 2008

I LOVE bluntness!! Thank you Spirit, and Kira! Everything you wrote is absolutely on the money - Kira, I can't thank you enough.
Nov 2008

Firstly, thank you for your beautiful reading - it is incredibly accurate and brilliant in helping me limit the number of thoughts that I should focus on.
Nov 2008

Why I asked about timing was because at the time you were writing or connecting some of the things you mentioned that you could see were either happening at that very moment or had happened in the 24hrs proceeding but had had a significant impact during that day at the time they happened I was intrigued about how the significant things of that past 24 hrs were in there I can not understand how with my name and email only you can see so much.
Nov 2008

Thank you so much for this, it is very reflective of me and so very uplifting So many thanks for this I can't even begin to describe how your reading has made me feel.
Nov 2008

Thanks again for the reading, it really has given me a sense of peace about the future and for me it was a very positive reading I know I will be using your services again, in fact the Spells intrigue me, although I can't' decide which area to work on first.
Nov 2008

Thank you so much for the reading, it really is amazing to read it A lot of it resonated with me, and I think I contacted you because I am in a serious stage of transition and I somehow needed to know that it was all going to work out! The reading certainly gave me a lot of wonderful positive feedback about the future and some concerns I have had regarding work and friends.
Nov 2008

I would like to thank you for my reading, which is the first I have ever received I have read it over and over and many things you have said are so very accurate a very big thank you for explaining some things about me that I couldn't understand before Oct 2008

Thank you for the beautiful reading! Your readings are like a big affirmation for me! They always make me feel happy and loved! Your gift to see things in me that nobody else can is simply divine! and I would like to tell you that you, Kira, are one of the main reasons of me becoming a success! Oct 2008

Beloved Kira thank you so very much for this...you are such a strength and blessing in my life...it is a deep privilege to know you and experience your tenderness.. Oct 2008

I was delighted to get your reading – it was very helpful and has given me a lot of confidence in the sense where it is helping me look forward to the future The things you/Spirit said were so meaningful It has given me a light in a currently very dark tunnel… What a gift it has been to have met you!!! Oct 2008

Kira, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your time, your effort, your compassion, your work, your kindness & your talent, Oct 2008

Dear Kira, In your reading you write:
after this, your new man will arrive on 27th DECEMBER
ok.. it was everything surprise He came to me (on that day) and I feel lot of energy from him, he was absolutely extraordinary, he visualize a past life together, and then also me, I saw his death in an hospital, and my desperation... and now, we were hug and kiss and lots of love... For your feed back, he is tall, hair black and white, younger than me, and lived in a town more at north of Marbella, he lives in Sevilla, 3 hours driving from here.. your reading is perfect.. Oct 2008

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for including me in your newsletter list - I LOVED reading it and I have even taken to doing some dowsing today!! I couldn't believe it worked! Well I can believe it but it was really clear for me! Thank you so much, and hey keep the Love Letters coming Oct 2008
Many thanks for your reading It was wonderful The first piece about my past, sent goose bumps Oct 2008

It was very positive and you really 'picked up' on me I have recommended you to others so I hope they do contact you Thank you so much for the lovely reading Oct 2008

I have been doing everything you told me to do and more - my life has changed for the better thanks to you! Thank you for all the wonderful advice! I am hoping that you will point me in the right direction again Be blessed! Oct 2008

Thank you for putting so much effort into my reading which I found encouraging as well as astounding in some parts! It was truly an enlivening and enlightening letter and I thank you so much I'm not surprised that you are so busy! Thank you again Oct 2008

I could share with you here more about Kira and her amazing psychic gifts but the lack of space wouldn't do it justice so instead I am going to direct you straight to her site As you will see Kira has rafts of glowing testimonials about her readings which she does over the phone or literally straight onto email, which is the option I chose as I was ready to hear whatever I needed to hear at this particular point in my life with such big changes on the horizon When I placed my order online I simply asked her to share whatever came up and that was the only information I gave her! What came back by email literally made me cry - but not with sadness I hasten to add, it was an extremely positive reading and concurred exactly with the past, the present and what I myself have seen for my future However it was the first time that someone else has seen all of that as clearly as me, and in some cases even more clearly! I dare say her raw food diet has definitely assisted her in seeing and sensing so clearly and the accuracy was breathtaking Again, there is so much more I could say, but of course the reading was highly personal What I will say is that if you're at a place in your life where you could do with some guidance or insight then I really cannot recommend Kira highly enough Her reading was simply outstanding and I really feel it's my duty to pass on this resource as it's something I've been looking for, for a very long time.
...from Karen Knowler in her wonderful, FREE E-Zine.. 'Successfully Raw' which you can find online at www.therawfoodcoach.com

Thank you for the reading. You were very accurate about so many things.I really appreciate the reading! I have to say that it came at the perfect time when I needed it the most. Thank you ever so much for your beautiful reading, how wonderful are you?!!! Karen was definitely right, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!
Your reading for me was lovely to read and so nice to feel our lives (especially the hidden side) don't go unnoticed So thank you again Kira for your accuracy, care and attention to small details which mean so much.

Kira: you are a real gift from the Light of Love Your reading is amazing Thank you for the reading which was both enlightening and reassuring.

Thank you Kira, You are the sweetest person The accuracy was so detailed in my endeavors and health etc and in my relationship Everything is spot on.

Thank you so much for this e-mail As I read it, there were times when I started shivering!

Thank you soooo much for your reading You are AMAZING!!!

Hi Kira, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love everything you said, it feels so right THANK YOU, THANK YOU I want you to know that you have helped me to make a HUGE shift and I am ready again to pursue my dreams and my life's work

Wow, where to begin!? Well, let me just start by saying thank you for the reading It was very powerful and moving and seemed very, very right on It was also a very emotional read, yet left me with many new questions I feel that you already know so much about me!

Thank you so much for the reading It was VERY interesting.

Thanks Kira I am very thankful to you for sharing your gift.

I am quite speechless right now and I can thank you enough for putting across to me my reading in such an honest, friendly way I know you have been told this a 1000 times before but I just have to say it again – You are goddamn accurate I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such truthful reading.

Just read your reading with tears streaming!

Thank you so much for the reading - you were right to call it 'a lovely surprise in your inbox' - that's exactly what it was! You hit the nail on the head so many times all I could do was laugh! I am deeply grateful for your confidence-boosting reading.

Thank you so much for your fantastic reading I so enjoyed reading it You certainly have done a wonderful job

Thank you so much Very accurate and very helpful advice on health, diet and business aspects; your insights and suggestions are spot-on in these areas

I just had to tell you, Today I got the job you talked about in my reading! How exciting! Thank you! You were right on.

Thank you, Kira, for all this food for thought. Your reading is the nicest gift I’ve given myself I will be in touch in the future!

Thank you so much for replying to my email so promptly Your reply made me cry because you are so very accurate.

You’re reading for me was so lovely and it all made a lot of sense to me and actually got me quite excited about things to come!

Thanks, you really are a breath of fresh air with your words!

Thanks so much for your reading Since reading it, I have thought about it many times, and it has been so helpful to me and has given me great confidence in the changes that I have recently made in my life.

I will take on board all that you say and I am going to try my very hardest to put into action your and spirits recommendations.

Kira Thank you...You truly are a gift to the world I was so excited to receive my reading last Saturday!

Many Many Many thanks for everything I feel much more positive now.

Thank you so very much for my reading It is incredible how accurate you are I deliberately did not give you any information regarding myself as I wanted to see what you came up with.

Hi Kira, thank very much - the reading is so accurate I cried within a few paragraphs and am looking forward to events unraveling.

Thank you kindly for the reading You have really nailed many points about me and where I'm at in my life So thank you.

Hello Kira, Thank you very much for your reading, which is very enlightening, and exciting!, and also for all your pointers and suggestions, which have given me lots of ideas to think about!

Kira, I am so blessed to have had this reading! Thank you so much.
Thank you very much for the wonderful reading I have read it many times and it is truly reflects my current 'state'...Your reading was a true blessing to me and the most accurate I've had for a long time I have changed a lot in the past few months, felt really bad about myself but, thanks to you, it is better now.

Thanks - I can't begin to tell you how much it means to be able to connect with someone who understands.

Wow, Kira! THANK YOU so much! I have had house guests this week, thus the delay in getting back to you However, please don't confuse the delay with a lack of appreciation for this phenomenal reading Words probably can't even express how deeply I have resonated with what you sent I have read your words over and over and over again Your accuracy with so many elements reminded me of how powerful pure spiritual energy is! You are spot on with many areas, and I look forward to seeing the surprises pan out :-)

Kira, you are a bright light I'm glad some of your radiant light has shone this way!!! :-)
Thank you for the reading, it has helped me enormously I loved it.
Thank you for a reading of such depth and love I could feel the effects of your caring heart I know that I will be referring to this precious reading often, as its wisdom will require time to fully digest.

Wow Kira! I have only just got this and only read through it once so this is a response straight from my heart with no analyzing You have summed up everything in my life perfectly, you have written about me I am in shock, I am in tears You have made me so excited about my life I just cannot believe you got so much true form just my name You really are connected to spirit.

Thank you Kira with all my heart I will recommend you to my close family and friends.
THANK YOU so much for taking the time to fit this in for me I am crying as I write this, because you touched my spirit and I resonate with everything you have written.

Oh my God Kira.. how accurate is this? Thank you.

Thank you so much for the reading I have understood all that you have told me.

Thank you Kira - the reading you have done for me has completely changed my attitude :) I feel so much more positive and I trust in what you have told me Before I got in touch with you it was the not knowing that made me constantly worry.

Thank you so much for the reading It really is insightful The more I re read it, the more it makes sense.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! As I read your reading I felt a sense of inner calm come over me that has been missing for some considerable time Your wonderful words have resonated with me on so many levels it is hard to express - but be reassured you have connected with me very deeply You have a wonderful gift and I truly thank you for sharing it with the world and with me.

Thank you Kira What a joy to read I feel very blessed to receive your reading sent with such love

Thank you so very much for your truly beautiful reading and the advice and guidance.

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading You really are spot on!

Thank you so much for your insight, and spiritual advice, that has made me feel more clarity about
how to deal with these issues.

I'm really impressed with the reading and your attunement, and it has given me far more clarity around things .Also you picked up my character traits spot on

This is wonderful I've only just read it, and will have to re-visit it lots of times, but everything you say confirms what I feel inside

Thank you so much for the loving and supportive reading 'X' had just been talking about many things that you addressed We both agree that your readings have such a positivity and You can do it! supportive feeling that is completely uplifting

Thank you again for a very accurate and comforting reading.

The reading was very helpful and it all feels right Thanks again.

I received the Love letters and have really enjoyed them so far They are inspiring me to start on another level of conscious creation of my life Thank you!!

Kira, thank you, I have no words, this is absolutely priceless It matches what is coming right now to perfection

Just wanted to say thanks so much for my reading I have no idea how you are able to do that, and

I wanted to let you know that I've gained so much from reading what you wrote The work you've done has been very valuable for me I'm certain it will support me no end over the next months as I transition into a new phase of my life, and I'm also pretty sure it has saved me quite a few hours of unnecessary angst!

I just wanted to e-mail to say thank you for your reading I would like you to know that it was very helpful and I will be taking your advice I hope the lighthouse continues to grow and be as helpful to others as I have found it to be.

Thank you so much for the healing and advice I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, it's so good to know there are still genuine people about, and you are a really special person to take the time and trouble to e-mail me.

Thank you so much I have never wanted a reading done as those who I have come across do not have the presence of light that you possess I cried when I first saw your picture and read the words on your web site You are a beautiful soul and the only one I would ever let do a reading for me You have the angels with you and such a special and unique gift.

Many thanks for your email As usual, it was packed full with loads of detail, much of which I can relate to quite well It seems you really are 'in tune', to the point where if I was a skeptic, I would have thought you had overheard some conversations I had with X only just the day before your email came, as we were talking about this house and her wishes that she would have some greenhouses!!!! As for the house sale, the strange co incidence was I had a call from the agent on the morning before your email arrived asking me to drop the price and look at other options to sell After that call, I felt as though I had just gone through 6 rounds with a double glazing salesman, but I managed to stick to my plan, and not budge on the price......so you see.......did you eavesdrop on me that day?!!!!!

Thank you for a wonderful reading You were also spot on about my childhood, my current work situation and that I am feeling quite bland Something that intrigued me about the reading was that there was no mention of children It's funny because being a woman you feel that you should want to have children but I do not have those yearnings Thank you again, your reading has provided me with encouragement to start making steps to change the way I am living.

Again thank you for your thorough response (and prompt too!) I really appreciate you connecting with Spirit in such a loving way for me Your response has given me a lot to chew-on .. in a good way!

What a wonderful reading In a funny way there's nothing here I didn't know deep down inside, but it's been inspiring and reassuring to hear that it is the right path (despite feeling scary!) Thank you for the comfort you offer about self employment being wonderful and empowering I've really enjoyed this experience, and have recommended your readings to a few friends.

Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work and offering your services to the world You are loved beyond measure

Anyway, since October last year I began a relationship with X, and you may remember, it was over a meeting on the internet, where she 'popped' up wanting a chat and it led from there really At the time, you had given me some advice on making myself a love wheel....which I promptly did, armed with scissors, pritt stick and imagination So to cut a long story short, X miraculously matches every single thing I put on the wheel, even to the point where some of the pictures I had used, as obscure as they were to anyone else but me, have appeared in real life during the times we've been together! So wow!!!

I know that X is the right person to have in my life, there is no uncertainty at all there about our relationship, from both sides, and she is exactly as you had described, so well done you too!
Thank you very much for this reading, it came at just the right time in my life and is hugely inspiring It really is as though you are inside my head and you hit the nail on the head in the main areas of my life I have been seeking some clarity on While energizing (especially the part about the career) it is also very emotional as well to have validation as to what I have been feeling for a number of years Thank you again for this reading, it is truly wonderful

Thank you so much for the reading! I'm very excited about it, I feel like I've read it a million times already, and I just retrieved it!

Wow you are good! And I shouldn’t be surprised as I already have proof of that.. Your readings are extraordinary...

Kira, the reading you gave me was fantastic and I could identify with everything in it. It was like having a banquet and I am still digesting!!

Dear Kira
and THANK YOU for the oodles of Rainbows...
Thank You.

I want to say a huge thank you, to you! You have seen me through one of the most hurtful and emotional times in my life I don't pretend to be out of the woods but I feel stronger and positive Thank you for ALL you have done!! Any how THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, next month I hope to have another reading, as they prepare me for all ahead!

I realise how VERY right you were too! So do many others!

Firstly I would like to say how spot on your first reading was and that's why I'm coming back for the second one I know at the end of day that we all have freewill and it is up to us to use it correctly but sometimes you do need that extra input.

Whew, Thank you so much for your help!. This is enlightening and something to reach for Hope that all is going or went well with your move The USA is fortunate to have you on our shores.

I have been re-reading my reading and it's just so pertinent I usually get some sort of reading done annually or bi-annually and I have found this one to be the most relevant, helpful and realistic So I will definitely be back in touch in the future the next time I feel I need some insight I started attending a mediumship development class last year and I really like how down to earth and helpful your reading is and the accuracy is amazing I definitely aspire to capture the same qualities.

Thank you sooooo much! You have no idea how anxious I was to receive your e-mail I have read it about 5 times so far.. I knew I will enjoy every word and I did It felt like I was reading a book like the books I used to read when I was a child.. unbelievable, fantastic and magical.. You are right about everything You are amazing! You don't even know how I look but you know what I like.. You have an amazing gift God bless you for sharing it with us.

You have done such an amazing job and captured me so accurately Thanks so much.
It is very inspiring you reading, thank thank thank you!

Thank you so much for your reading It was beautiful and calming to read it.
It's amazing...because I had a general idea of the things you read for me but you went into more detail than what I could get for myself! Amazing Kira, simply amazing!!!

Thank you for all your enlightened information It releases a load off the shoulders.

Thank you so much for your quick response! Your insight is such a gift and I am looking forward to great things to come I will definitely be in touch for additional readings and am sure we will work together more in the coming future! I appreciate all that you've done for me and it has been a pleasure receiving guidance and insight from you Kira We'll be in touch.

Wow! Thank you so much Kira You probably already know this, but You Are Awesome I am amazed at how we can link up across oceans with only a name, but in another sense it feels like,
of course we can!

Truly, your words provided much relief for me Much Love to You.

Many thanks for my reading I was a bit skeptical but something felt right about contacting you. Since receiving your reading I have been in a bit of a shock really I have re-read the reading many times and will of course check to see if where I am as life progresses I didn't tell you anything much about my ex and I was struggling to understand and explain to myself what really happened You have put into words in your reading what happened and what I felt I wish now I had contacted you earlier, possibly when I was still with her Your reading made so much sense to my particular point in life and I want to thank you for that I will be in touch again soon especially when I don't understand things or am confused and when I have any particular dilemma's You have moved me and in a way changed my views on spirits and life and how we are all probably connected in some way.Thanks That's an amazing reading, your readings are more than readings, they are spiritual guidance Much appreciated.

Thank you again for such a fantastically accurate reading this is my 3rd in 2 years I think.
Thank you so much for your reading, it was incredibly helpful and has quickly enabled me to feel a lot better You are very perceptive and skillful in how you express it I have been carrying it around with me!

Just wanted to say thanks so much for my reading I have no idea how you are able to do that, and I wanted to let you know that I've gained so much from reading what you wrote The work you've done has been very valuable for me I'm certain it will support me no end over the next months as I transition into a new phase of my life, and I'm also pretty sure it has saved me quite a few hours of unnecessary angst.

Thank you so much for my reading As I read through it my Jaw dropped open You blew my mind away with what you knew and described.

Thank you very much for this reading It was like drinking a very clear, fresh and pure glass of water I have found it so nourishing and inspirational I really appreciate this It made me cry and thank you very much for letting me know Love and very best wishes to you

I just wanted to e-mail to say thank you for your reading I would like you to know that it was very helpful and I will be taking your advice regarding energy balancing I think what you provide with the The Lighthouse is really wonderful and so refreshing compared to the many companies/readers who are merely interested in profit For someone like me it was difficult to actually seek out help from a reader as I've always tried to 'do it myself', but there are times when we all need someone else to say it I guess in order for us to listen! I knew when I sent my order that I could trust the lighthouse and I was proved right, so thank you again for your insights and I hope the lighthouse continues to grow and be as helpful to others as I have found it to be.

Thank you so much for your love letters I just love them After all I went through the last 2 years they really gave me an uplift.

I would like to say a very, very big thank you for my excellent readings It is unbelievable how accurate you where on all areas you covered it gives me a great comfort when I have my readings with you and it is very rare to find a very good, honest and accurate person and I thank my lucky stars that I have found you Absolutely love the Love Letter and am so glad I signed up to receive it . It is packed full of so much information and I look forward to the next one.

Thank you so much with blessings and Love to you.

Thank you very much for my reading, I know what to do now and feel much more focused and clearer about my situation and what I need to do about it.

If you are wanting sound, caring and genuine psychic advice, please do not hesitate to contact Kira at the Lighthouse Having had many readings over the last 20-25 years, from some extremely good psychic’s and mediums I can assure you that Kira is up there with the best She is the real deal, and has given me great comfort in times of extreme stress and despair Her readings are insightful, caring, compassionate and practical I will definitely be coming back for more and would not hesitate to contact her again or recommend her to my friends and family.

You were so correct, she is pregnant with my husband's child...

I had two readings from you earlier in the year after escaping a domestic violence situation You told me I would be starting a new job in a call centre, and lo and behold I start the call centre job next week! Most of what you said has come true, including the parts about how I would get over the abuse and start to live again.

Thank you so much for my reading As I read through it my jaw dropped open You blew my mind away with what you knew and described.

That is so spookily correct its scary.

Thank you very much for my reading, as always they give me a lot of comfort.

Hi, I keep 2 issues of The Love Letter you sent me in my handbag, coz I carry it about and show people, it is fantastic - my Bible.

Cannot believe how accurate you are, your reading was spot on including the flat tyre!
Thank you for a lovely reading! It was gentle yet practical and an accurate assessment of where my daughter and I are at and where we are going Lots of very caring communication in there! I wish The Lighthouse luck, your website is beautiful.

Thank you for the e-mail reading What I have read has made me weep - it is like you have looked into my very soul - seeing all, and feeling all that I feel As for the man, you are so right about him in every way.

Gosh! there was me struggling with the idea of £40 and now I can only wonder at the length of time you invested in my report: way beyond the money, I feel! So a thousand thank you for your time on this one.

Thank you, I have no words, this is absolutely priceless It matches what is coming right now to perfection Raw foodism and greens, higher energy level, London, new contacts, new skills, massage.. it s precise, it s clear, it s very thorough.. I was extremely happy and satisfied when receiving the message, I just want to say thank you.

Thanks once more for a brilliant reading which was spot on Your readings have given me so much comfort.

I cannot thank you enough best £40 I've spent many many thanks.

Thank you SO MUCH for my reading, it was spot on and has really given me the insight I so desperately need.

Thank you so much for your kind message, you truly have the kindest of hearts You have made me change my new years resolution, I was going to be like most others and not be so kind, considerate of my fellow human beings, dropping my expectations to avoid upset, but after reading this message I have decided that it should be them that raise their game to 'ours' I am sure in the end we will win I will be back for my next reading very SOON!!!

Thank you so much Kira, after I had managed to let go of my defensiveness, I was really able to read your message clearly, and I would just like to say that I feel you have such amazing vision, for everything you told me is really just perfectly right for what is going on in my life now!
I want to say a personal thank you for a fab reading, it is direct, specific and intimate with a complete absence of vague waffle and has really helped a great deal to see where I have been so stuck I feel you are really good at your work It is so wonderful to find a source of real insightful support.

I have had 3 readings from Kira and I have to say how amazingly good she was She could see all my downfalls and gave me some brilliant advice on how to deal with them everything she said was spot on and I will definitely be using your services again Once again thank you very much.
Your reading has had a transformational effect on me in many ways, thanks!! I felt a huge let go of
Mr. X through reading all you wrote about him, like it freed me You see him so clearly and that just helped so much.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate what you've told me I will come back with more questions soon.

Thank you so much for the healing and advice I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, it's so good to know there are still genuine people about, and you are a really special person to take the time and trouble to e-mail me.

I would just like to say a big thank you for the recent readings you did for me I cannot believe how accurate and insightful you were in regards to my current situation I of course want what you have seen for me to happen, but if nothing else, your words have given me a huge sense of comfort When I feel myself thinking and worrying about my relationship problems, I find your words have come back to me and have given me peace For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will recommend you to anyone who will listen! Anyway I look forward to contacting you again soon and once again a huge thank you!

Thanks for your reading, I keep reading it over and over again Mr. B :) you are right about him.
I would like to say a very very big thank you for my excellent readings It is unbelievable how accurate you where on all areas you covered it gives me a great comfort when I have my readings with you and it is very rare to find a very good, honest and accurate person and I thank my lucky stars that I have found you I absolutely love the Love Letter and am so glad I signed up to receive it is packed full of so much information and I look forward to the next one

Thank you so much with blessings and Love to you.

It was a strange feeling I had when I read your email after first responding I felt that you really cared, that against so much skepticism surrounding your 'gift' that for you this was a deeply felt almost passionate desire to help people I would love to continue to call upon your help and advice.
An uplifting, obviously deeply spiritual reading full of positivity and light (as well as concrete information) Wonderful! Thank you for your insight.

Thanks for that, and again, for making the effort to help, all very enlightening.

Your reading was fabulous! Of course I was thrilled that you felt so many positive things, but it was also very accurate.

More of your first reading is coming through with the miracles and synchronicities I feel very excited and grateful to you for being such a powerful instrument of change Thank you so much, your readings are so helpful, spiritually emotionally helping me grow.

Thank you so much I wouldn't have got through last weekend without your advice and wisdom.
Thank you very much for this reading Again you seem very much to have understood the problem and situation I am going to order a follow up reading.

I received your reading this morning, thank you very much I found it really insightful and helpful I felt like you really understood the whole situation with me and him Keep up the good work Thanks again.

I just wanted to write again to tell you that I have reread your reading three times since yesterday and actually I am quite astonished about your analysis I am not sure how you could possibly have known of this problem as I say, quite astonished.

Again the reading is accurate, I have grown since the last one, there is a lot going on and it feels that the reading has picked up on both areas.

Thank you for my reading, it is completely and amazingly accurate! I completely understand now why I am feeling the way that I am and although it is with trepidation I am looking forward to working with myself I'm also looking forward to my 2nd reading.

Thank you very much for this reading Again you seem very much to have understood the problem and situation I am going to order a follow up reading as I have some more questions I have discussed things with my wife and told her both she and my daughter very much come first, so I think that I have reassured any fears she may have had.

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