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Shamanic Shakedown



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How can a Shamanic Shakedown help you?

I call it Shamanic Shakedown because during the session, I work with all the realms: the physical, energetic, and Spirit, as well as the past and the future. This bodywork helps you to heal emotionally, physically and mentally, by using deep pressure massage on your body, accompanied by clairvoyant insight.
Emotional pain that's too much to deal with at the time, can go into our physical body and becomes part of the cellular memory. This produces physical symptoms of all kinds - tension, weakened body systems, energy loss, insomnia and pain.
This cellular memory of emotional pain, shows itself in our mental and emotional bodies too. It creates repeating patterns, sadness, loss of joy, living with a continually broken heart, anxiety, nervousness, and fear. The usual type of Western massage is for relaxation, and improved circulation, which uses long strokes that relax and soothe you.
In a session with me, I use prayer followed by guidance from Spirit to locate the hot spots of emotional / traumatic cellular memory in your body, and then I use deep or shallow pressure on the parts of your body where that emotional pain is held. The conscious meets the unconscious, and the memory is fully released.
As it's released, I usually tell you about it, where it's come from, and we put an end to it, as I tell the story of it from a fresh perspective. The loose ends are tied up, as the old hurts are physically released. Meeting the old emotional story in this physical way, releasing the cellular memory fully, is a profound healing, it's more like transformation.
I see people change in front of my eyes during the session, they look so different in their eyes and face. The haunted look is gone, as the old ghosts are finally set free. Open and liberated, it's now easy to be sensitive in a positive, fully functional way, that allows you to act on your instincts/intuition, and respond to life freely and spontaneously.
It's common in our Western culture to heal our minds, emotions and old traumas by doing talking therapies like psychotherapy and counseling. This has its place and can be very helpful. However, using bodywork gets to the roots of the matter in a different, immediate, visceral way.
My influences and teachers have come from Chinese medicine, Maori healing, Shamanism, and Yoga. For the past 14 years my only work has been as a healer and clairvoyant. It is my passion, a blessing and a privilege to work in this way.
The Shamanic Shakedown session lasts as long as you need it to. Usually, it takes about an hour and a half, but sometimes longer is needed, so I don't book people in back to back, I leave plenty of space for you to have what you need from me.
The session is fully clothed. Wear loose stretchy comfy clothes. It's best that you don't have anything to do afterwards, so book your session for a day when you can take the rest of the day and evening off.
People pay me £75 for this session.
(If you would like to see me and you can't afford this because you're on benefits, let me know so I can offer you a concessionary rate.)

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