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After working as a volunteer children’s counselor for Childline, and training as a holistic healer, I joined a natural health co-op, where my new best friend was a Celtic Shaman. She took me under her wing, and for a few years, she showed me how to use my natural abilities to perform Divination, Rituals, Shamanic Healing and Mediumship. It came naturally to me, and so I began my professional career as a clairvoyant and healer.


I started off by using crystals, tarot and communicating with Spirit people to give basic advice and predictions - demonstrating and proving psychic and mediumship abilities. Soon I got a job working as a telephone reader for a clairvoyant’s agency, and after two years there, I was running the company.


Growing in experience through working an 5 hour shift, 6 days a week, I grew out of the tarot cards, crystals, and communicating with the Spirit people. Through this work, I came to realize that all people are God Goddess, and that we are all Creators of our own world, and destiny. The Spirit guides and entities disappeared, I put away the tarot cards and the crystals, and simply linked directly with the people I read for, with no faffing about.


Reading for someone without having to connect with a 3rd party- whether it be Spirit people, cards or crystals, meant that the link between us was more direct, and deeper than before.

The guidance was transformational, less limited and far more helpful.


I found myself helping people free up all aspects of their lives. They could let go, and let their Soul radiate freely through them, unmasked by their worries, patterns and blocks.


It made me happier to work in this deeper way…communicating with your Aunt Ada R.I.P. could only tell you things that she knew of, from her perspective - there is a place for the art of mediumship, it can be just what you need sometimes, but we don't always want to go to our relatives for guidance and advice, sometimes we need to go direct to the Source and get something with a little more oomph!


I use the Shakedown sessions to really get into the nitty gritty of your life and light it up and give you the information and tool to turn it all around. Whether you have a Bodywork session or  a written Shakedown Reading, the result is the same, it is as if your whole being has been glitterbombed!


Bodywork Shakedowns happen in Bristol, and also all around the UK. I started out as a healer in 2000, and through using a core of a massage, combined with clairvoyant insight and energy balancing, it is the most powerful way I work on a person.


I write a monthly letter called The Love Letter. It is free and comes via email. It is full of love, support and inspiration. I don’t use it to sell anything. There is a form on our homepage where you can sign up for it.

I'm Kira,


My work as a clairvoyant and healer has evolved rapidly since I began my professional career in 2001. But it really all started when I was a child, guided and taught by something I felt was ‘Other’ than myself.


I’d be shown all about my world and how to live in it. I didn’t know to call it Spirit or my Soul, and with no concept of God Goddess, I just did what felt right, and listening to this ‘voice’ always showed me the truth - which was often, if not always, the opposite of what family, teachers and friends were doing and saying.


This pushed me to develop faith, trust, and how to leap into the unknown with an open heart.