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My Mission


My mission is to liberate Love and Life using clairvoyant insight and bodywork.


All my customers are part of my family. We grow ever more enthusiastic and passionate about our work together, we're all in this together, and I truly love loving You!


I make sure that my work is the best it can be. I’m not overworked or pressured, I normally work with 2 to 3 clients a day.


My customers return over and over again because my work has an authentic power, and I’m very accurate.


Working with me comes with a money back guarantee if you do not see movement and experience new insights.


After your Full Shakedown Reading you can write with further questions which I will give full answers to right away.


Bodywork Shakedown includes massage, energy balancing, clairvoyant insight, and a full conversational consultation. I will spend as long as it takes with you. I don’t wear a watch, I never use time to judge when our time together is complete.